Lipsticks for rebellious souls

Bad Girls Go To Heaven creates two exclusive lipstick collections which are surprising both for their colour and their hold: long-lasting matte liquid lipsticks and creamy lipsticks with extreme colours.

BadGirlsGoToHeaven lipsticks are designed for women who demand the maximum in colour, comfort, hydration and hold. All special, nothing in series.

BadGirlsGoToHeaven cosmetics are 100% Made in Italy, using highest quality ingredients. Their formulas are ground-breaking and inimitable, and their selection of raw materials is based on premium quality standards.

The story of BadGirlsGoToHeaven

Welcoming classy rebels to paradise

BadGirlsGoToHeaven was based on an idea from an independent team that for 20 years has worked with prestigious international make-up brands.

BadGirlsGoToHeaven creates a highly innovative and recognisable concept: a make-up lipstick line created by seeking the highest levels of technological performance, in terms of colour pigmentation and unusual textures, plus a decidedly modern fashion image

Rebels with determination and character, in search of heavenly experiences!
The women who choose BadGirlsGoToHeaven desire to step outside the chorus of stereotypes, straddling fashion and beauty and expressing their determination to project their identity at all times.


BadGirlsGoToHeaven products


Extreme colour cream lipsticks

The classic turns sexy with the extra soft lipstick that contours your lips with a 3D effect.

Matte liquid lipsticks

Lipsticks with super soft "second skin" texture and high pigmentation, for perfect lip contours andextra matte results that are also moisturising.

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