A drop of diamond glistening on the skin

Intense and sensual perfumes inspired by legendary gems.

The sensual perception of special gems inspires the creative choices behind a perfume that mirrors the olfactory vibrations of the jewel whose name it takes.

The story of Orlov perfumes


Orlov was founded by Ruth, a Parisian gemmologist with a profound passion for diamonds.

The Orlov diamond is a legendary gem given by Count Grigori Orlov to his lover Catherine II, Tsarina of Russia. This diamond is still one of the largest jewels in the world, and is displayed in Moscow, glinting on the Russian imperial sceptre. 

A lifelong lover of fragrances, Ruth decided to work with master perfumers, such as Dominique Ropion (main nose of Frederic Malle), in order to create a line of luxury perfumes.

Orlov was launched in New York by Bergdorf Goodman in 2015 and has since spread its spell across the world of international luxury perfumery, thanks to its extraordinary quality.

Orlov collections


Diamond Collection

Each Orlov perfume tells the story of a legendary stone.

Place Vendôme Collection

Red diamonds are extremely rare, and they are some of the most sought after and expensive precious stones.

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