Experts in biological luxury

Beauty products, face creams, cleansers, tonics and serums made with organic ingredients of the highest degree of purity and effectiveness.

Before being used, all raw materials destined for production are tested with a «Potency Test» to check the intensity of their active ingredients.

The Organic Pharmacy uses only clinically tested high-tech natural ingredients. Its products are made with phytopharmaceutical formulations and are free of artificial preservatives and dyes, toxins, ingredients of animal origin (excluding beeswax, propolis and honey) and petrolatum.


The story of The Organic Pharmacy

The Organic Pharmacy was founded in 2002 by Dr. Margo Marrone, a pharmacist and homeopath specialised in the study and cosmetic application of natural active ingredients.

«It all started due to my passion for the quest for effective beauty products free of substances that are toxic and harmful to our bodies. This allowed me to obtain one of the greatest discoveries of anti-ageing biotechnology by exploiting the power of plants.
The effectiveness of The Organic Pharmacy’s products derives from the quality of the selected raw materials, the dosage used and the right combination of ingredients to obtain 100% synergistic activity, with visible and extraordinary results on the skin.»
Margo Marrone

Every Organic Pharmacy product has an extraordinary cosmetic efficacy, combined with a pleasurable tactile and olfactory sensory experience.

Its rich and silky textures allow it to be delicately massaged on the face and neck, providing pleasantly soothing sensations.

The extraordinary perfume that characterises every product of The Organic Pharmacy derives only and exclusively from natural ingredients, which have been expertly selected.

Every time you use a product from The Organic Pharmacy you will dedicate a moment of inebriating relaxation to yourself, rich with organic essential oils. You’ll soon no longer be able to do without it.

The Organic Pharmacy products

The Organic Pharmacy

Eyes and Lips

Cosmetics, creams and balms for eye contours and lips, with clinically tested formulas to contrast skin ageing and ensure maximum hydration.
The Organic Pharmacy

Face cleanser

Plant-based cleansers for delicate and effective facial skin cleansing.
The Organic Pharmacy

Face creams

Face creams with specific formulas for each skin type, made with natural ingredients, without preservatives or toxins.
The Organic Pharmacy

Face masks

Face masks with organic plant extracts and cosmeceuticals that revitalize and renew the skin with immediately visible results.
The Organic Pharmacy

Face serums

Face serums made of nourishing herbs, floral extracts and vitamins that hydrate and moisturise the skin while reviving and toning it.
The Organic Pharmacy

Face tonics

Face tonics made of high-tech plant protection and natural ingredients, with no artificial preservatives or toxins.

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