Face serums

Face serums made of nourishing herbs, floral extracts and vitamins that hydrate and moisturise the skin while reviving and toning it.

Face serums are as much of a key product as face creams, a must-have for your daily skincare routine to improve the look and health of your skin.

The Organic Pharmacy serums are made with plant protection ingredients for all skin types, even very dry or mature skin that need anti-age and elasticizing action.

The use of Antioxidant Face Gel increases collagen production, obtaining a visibly plumped and moisturised skin. Its effective oxygenation makes the face look younger, smoother and brighter.

Antioxidant Face Serum immediately brightens the skin, and provides a lifting effect to compact skin tissue. Repair sun damage on the skin: lines and spots due to excessive exposure, whatever the age.

Using state of the art plant bio-technology with enzyme action, Rose Plus Brightening Complex smooths, lightens, brightens the skin and contrasts the appearance of spots, balancing melanin production.

From the first applications, Stabilised Vitamin C Serumadds elasticity and brightness to face and neck providing global anti-age action. This anti-oxidant vitamin concentrate increases the skin\u2019s immune defences, resulting in a radiant looking face. It revitalises dull-looking, asphytic skin, bringing a new brightness.


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