Face tonics

Face tonics made of high-tech plant protection and natural ingredients, with no artificial preservatives or toxins.

Face tonics play a key role in the daily skincare routine, completing the cleanser's cleaning action while rebalancing the skin's acidity. They enhance the effectiveness of any product, like face cream or nourishing serum, that is applied after.

The Organic Pharmacy face tonics boast revitalizing and toning, or soothing and calming or even exfoliating and brightening properties, depending on which herbs and other ingredients they contain.

Herbal Toner revitalises, tones and moisturises with the synergic action of its 18 herbs. Its nourishing elements and plant extracts soothe irritated skins and reduce enlarged pores.

Rose Facial Spritz soothes and visibly reduces redness, strengthens capillaries and improves micro-circulation, hydrating and perfecting the complexion. An excellent make up fixer.

Jasmine Night Conditioner is an extraordinary night treatment for compact and regenerated skin, facilitating cell renewal.

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