Officina Parfum: much more than a distributor

Officina Parfum is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Eleonora Calavalle and Davide Gherardi, who joined forces to start an ethical enterprise, building upon their passion for niche perfumery and their solid industry experience. Born in Parma, a city with a great perfumery tradition, Officina Parfum operates in the niche market, selecting a range of luxury fragrances and scents to answer the needs of the most demanding, passionate, and globe-trotting customers.

davide gherardi

Davide Gherardi

Davide Gherardi boasts over forty years’ experience in the management of the most prestigious brands of niche perfumery. He manages the sales network and boutique selection.
“Finding the right balance between brand exclusiveness and sales, one to keep customers, distributors and parent companies happy, is increasingly important. That’s why we manage each brand with its own customized approach”.

eleonora calavalle

Eleonora Calavalle

Eleonora Calavalle is in charge of marketing and relations with the international parent companies. She coordinates the creative developments for each brand, ensuring they are expressed consistently on the Italian market, in tune with the specific features of our distribution.
“Leaving your own taste aside, when selecting a new brand, is the hardest part of our work. It is important to follow the new consumers' trends, beyond our personal judgement, and this is the only way to grow”.

In a few words

  • showroomShowroom
  • formazionePersonalized Training
  • performance consegnaLogistics
  • ufficio pr internoPublic Relations Office


An elegant space in the heart of Parma where we showcase our brands. Your source to discover all the secrets behind each fragrance, the stories behind their creation, or the last generation ingredients making up an extraordinary cream...


Public Relations

Our own PR office, led by Elisabetta Spigaroli, works to ensure that our brands are regularly featured on all major beauty and fashion magazines and best rated Italian blogs. Our PR also offers:

  • personalized press events
  • events within large festivals
  • events within Trade Shows or Fairs
  • personalised brand events


The perfect partner for fast distribution:

  • 48-hour delivery: no need for a warehouse, we deliver your order anywhere in Italy in 48 hours, ready for its display shelf.
  • 100% full order: our products are always available, to guarantee your full stocking. Always.
  • No brand minimum order: feel free to order exactly what your customers want.


Our training experts are at hand to show you the secrets of each brand and the unique features of each product.

  • Training days with industry experts in our showroom in Parma
  • Personalized training at the point of sale
  • Telephone or video link assistance for special requirements.

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