Marseilles soaps, hand and body creams, household cleaning products and more, all made according to the Provencal tradition and with the highest quality ingredients.

Always deeply involved in production in Provence, Compagnie de Provence works to give value to the quality of its raw materials, favouring local suppliers who guarantee high quality components, cultivated with love and care for nature.

All Compagnie de Provence products are enriched with three oils with virtuous properties: almond oil, grape seed oil and olive oil.


The story of the iconic Marseilles liquid soap. A pure soap.

The story of Compagnie de Provence began in 1990, when two friends from Marseilles decided to re-edit in a modern key the classic "panier", i.e. the traditional Marseilles soap cube, reinvented and renewed with a more contemporary and attractive design.

In 1999, the Compagnie de Provence created an original liquid version of the Marseille soap, which retained the exact same extraordinary properties of the solid bar.

The key words of the Compagnie de Provence brand are: innovation, tradition and reinterpretation.

The pioneering spirit that has distinguished the Compagnie de Provence since its origins is still reflected in its constant quest for innovative products, created respecting ancient recipes and natural raw materials.

Compagnie de Provence offers a line of ethical, aesthetic and sensorial products that enrich everyday life.

Compagnie de Provence products

Compagnie de Provence

Body cream

All Compagnie de Provence body creams are formulated with a highly effective trio of vegetable oils (Sweet Almond oil, Grape seed oil, Olive oil from Provence) to combat dry and dehydrated skin and obtain instead a silky, soft and luminous epidermis covering the entire body.
Compagnie de Provence

Eau de Cologne

The cologne produced by Compagnie de Provence, with its unexpected and vibrant fragrances, is a celebration of Provence, a land of water and colours set between the Rhone and the Mediterranean.

Hand creams

Terra hand creams from Compagnie de Provence are made from olive oil and contain no parabens. Leaving no greasy feel on the hands, they can be used as often as needed. this olive oil based cream can be used any time you need to take care of your hands. Use it on its own or after the liquid soap. Free from parabens.
Compagnie de Provence

Household cleaning

Compagnie de Provence manufactures various products for the care and cleaning of the home: natural and biodegradable detergents and soaps, plus scented candles and elegant diffusers.
Compagnie de Provence

Marseilles Soap

Marseilles soap is a natural product, saponified in a cauldron, in line with Provencal tradition. Compagnie de Provence produces a wide range of solid and liquid Marseilles soaps, with different fragrances and in different formats.

Case History

Compagnie de Provence: the challenge of the Marseille soap

Compagnie de Provence is a French brand producing Marseille soaps, creams, perfumes, home care and cleaning products. High quality products blending Provençal traditions with modern design and stylish packaging.

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