Imagine the heart of Provence: the Terra products by the Compagnie de Provence have the same shape as its region, authentic and generous.

Made with olive oil, acclaimed for its nourishing and soothing virtues, Terra liquid soaps and hand creams are available in 7 fragrances reminiscent of Provence, its magical colours and smells: Olive Verte, Champ de Lavande, Feuille de Figuier, Verveine Citronnée, Fleur de Tilleul, Orange Confite and Bois de Rose.

Provençal & Natural.

Terra, the authentic Marseilles soap of French tradition, is saponified in a cauldron with vegetable oils, in a version convenient for daily use.

Natural: formulated with olive oil and coconut oil, naturally glycerinated. Without artificial colours, animal fats or parabens. 

Terra products


Hand creams

Terra hand creams from Compagnie de Provence are made from olive oil and contain no parabens. Leaving no greasy feel on the hands, they can be used as often as needed. this olive oil based cream can be used any time you need to take care of your hands. Use it on its own or after the liquid soap. Free from parabens.

Liquid Marseille soap

Just like their solid ancestor, the authentic Marseille soap cube, Terra liquid Marseille soaps from Compagnie de Provence are made in a cauldron, following Provençal traditions.

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