In the tradition of the truest and most authentic artistic perfumery.

Intense perfumes ‘handcrafted’ in Grasse, the world’s capital city of perfumery and its raw materials.

Jehanne Rigaud fragrances are the fruit of ‘artisan artistry’ based in Grasse, using special raw materials of the highest quality and thus creating fragrances with an awesome sillage.


Jehanne Rigaud perfumes

Jehanne Rigaud

Imperial Poudré

A captivating fragrance, where the powdery note from theiris flower blends with the soft and sweet aroma of Bourbon vanilla andheliotrope.
Jehanne Rigaud

Patchouli Premier

Patchouli is a well-known oriental fragrance that became very popular in the 1960s, as hippies fell in love with its woody, camphorated and earthy scent that hypnotises the senses.

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