“Wearing perfume is an act of civility”

Nicolaï perfumes are exclusive creations and highly refined products. The quality and refinement of the raw materials used by Patricia de Nicolaï make every fragrance irresistibly sensual.

Highlighting the art of the perfumer... this is the mission of the Nicolaï brand: a perfumery that is free in its creative choices, free to use the best raw materials, without inhibitions or price limits... hence the creation of astonishing perfumes for the person and for the environment.

This freedom has allowed the "designer", Patricia de Nicolaï, to evolve a highly individual style with supreme elegance.


Nicolaï is one of the rare perfume companies that integrate the entire perfume-making process: from purchase of essential oils, to creation and production, up to the manual packaging of each perfume

The Nicolaï Parfumeur-Créateur company was founded in Paris in 1989 by Patricia de Nicolaï, who personally and entirely creates her perfumes in the laboratory inside her first boutique at number 69 Avenue Raymond Poincaré. Like her ancestor Pierre François Pascal Guerlain, Patricia likes to show what happens behind the scenes... following a tradition shared by many great perfume creators.

Among her first perfumes was New York, Patricia's signature perfume, which Luca Turin (author of the 1992 Perfume Guide) considered one of the greatest perfumes in history.

Nicolaï is the only niche perfumery brand to have 7 boutiques in Paris, all in prestigious positions: Trocadéro, Louvre, Marais, Saint-Germain-des-Près, Sorbonne, Monceau and Neuilly. Outside Paris, NicolaÏ also has two stores in London, one in Dubai and one in Shanghai.

In the 1980s, Nicolaï Parfumeur-Creator was one of the first brands to dedicate itself to artistic perfumery, a bold and almost reckless decision. Nicolaï perfumes are contemporary inventions: unprecedented, original and distinctive creations.

Nicolaï products


Nicolaï Home Fragrances

Nicolaï home fragrances are administered by elegant candles, refills for catalytic lamps, stick diffusers, room sprays and perfumed oils.

Nicolaï perfumes

A rich and subtle "palette" of natural essences characterises the highly personal style of Patricia de Nicolaï, with her preference for white flowers and amber notes.

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