"The complexity of watchmaking resembles the art of creating a fragrance"

Perfumes born from the encounter between master watchmakers and master perfumers: an immersion in a sensorial world of wellbeing and perfect balance.

The five Franck Muller fragrances have grown from a collaboration between the watchmaking company and some of the best perfumers of CPL Aromas: Beverley Bayne, Julie Plunchet and Dominique Preyssas. 

The story of Franck Muller perfumes


The Franck Muller Haute Horlogerie company was founded in Geneva by Franck Muller and Vartan Sirmakes. Their intention was to create exclusive watches, with original designs and complicated movements

The company quickly became one of the top Swiss watch brands, and its watches are among the best and most complicated watches in the world.

In 2016 Franck Muller decided to commission CPL Aromas, world leader in fragrance manufacturing, to create his first collection of perfumes, in order to celebrate the refined craftsmanship of two apparently very different sectors, that of perfumery and watchmaking.

Five unisex perfumes were conceived and born from the meeting between these two great companies, unique in their complexity and in the fragrance distilled from top quality ingredients.

Each Eau de Parfum is inspired by the famous design unique to Franck Muller watches and is created using the finest raw materials and the exclusive ingredients of AromafusionTM  by CPL Aromas, guaranteeing unique fragrances that can never be copied

Franck Muller perfumes


A complex fragrance with a cherry accord going through the perfume, from head to base notes.

Crazy Hours

Contrasting fragrance, rich in fresh citrus and sensuous woody accords.

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