The new French perfumery

J.U.S. is made for people looking for an original new perfume, an icebreaker of emotions and pleasures that invites them to explore a unique sensorial experience.

The 'alternative' fragrances created by J.U.S. flaunt a vintage pop-art style, acid-coloured packaging and an over-the-top design, marking out a new frontier of luxury .

The story of J.U.S. perfumes

J.U.S. was conceived by the encounter between 3 creators who dreamed up an original and unconventional perfumery style: Thierry, artistic director, Brigitte, fragrance expert and Jean-Baptiste, orchestral conductor.

However, J.U.S. Is not the brainchild of just three minds: a multitude of different talents is required to produce its creations: designers, illustrators, printers, glaziers, decorators, friends... and perfumers!

Perfume is first and foremost an act of creation, something we can use to generate an unforeseeable and almost intimate bond. J.U.S. never thinks about eau de cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfume... only about perfume, simply "perfume".

Indifferent to the market artifices that enclose perfumes in packaging, J.U.S. concentrates exclusively on creating the best concentration for each essence, thus enabling the perfume to express itself in all its glorious sillage and power.

Eau de parfum J.U.S



Intense perfume where coffee andoud meet and entangle... an infernal duo.


The scent of soft leather, full of hints of violet and iris... a unique and sophisticated combination.

Les Joyaux Sensoriels

Perfumes for the senses, with their unique and unmistakeable fragrances.


Fresh and lightly fruity perfume, evokes the fresh morning air ... cascading roses ... the strong scent of the stems, from root to thorn, reflected in the sun.

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