Marseilles Soap

Marseilles soap is a natural product, saponified in a cauldron, in line with Provencal tradition. Compagnie de Provence produces a wide range of solid and liquid Marseilles soaps, with different fragrances and in different formats.

Naturally glycerinated, it is prepared with vegetable oils and acts as the ideal product for cleansing the skin effectively and delicately, to clean and sanitise the home and to wash clothes.
The Marseilles soap made by Compagnie de Provence does not contain dyes, animal fats, parabens, silicones, mineral oils or sulphates.

It contains three vegetable oils with exceptional properties:

  • grape seed oil, with antioxidant, protective and nourishing action;
  • almond oil, with a softening, nourishing and moisturising action;
  • olive oil, with protective, emollient and nourishing properties.

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