Divin Enfant

A suave and sweet fragrance, the perfect perfume for a woman who, like a little girl, can seduce and irritate with the same intensity.

Her angelic appearance warms the heart but can also drive one crazy. The devil\u2019s false innocence in an angel!

After the first sweet impact, orange blossoms and marshmallow on top, one can perceive the unexpected accord of coffee, leather and cold tobacco. Loyal to its ‘transformer\u2019 reputation, what this tyrant loves best, and always achieves, is to submit us to her whims. Wonderful little monster!

Despite its feminine touch, this is also an attractive men\u2019s fragrance. In fact, it is one of the collection's most popular fragrances and is considered a “must smell” perfume from Etat Libre d\u2019Orange.

Eau de Parfum Divin Enfant composition

Orange blossom, marshmallow accord, coffee, rose, cold tobacco, leather, amber, musk… 

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