She was an anomaly

An irregular women's fragrance, different, anomalous, a scent that blends with the skin bringing sensuality to its extremes.

She was an anomaly” is the result of research around iris, musk and sandalwood, with added transparent and enveloping nuances of vanilla and fresh white flowers.

Part of the digital innovation drive of the essence craft experts at Givaudan, the company developed Carto, an artificial intelligence tool that can replicate the way perfumers create their fragrances. Carto is designed to use the unique ingredients of Givaudan's “Odour Value Map” in a smart way, optimizing the olfactory performance of the final formula.

Daniela Andrier used Carto to create “She was an anomaly”. As she entered a few notes she loves into Carto, the system recommended overdosing iris e musk, Daniela took care of the rest.

She was an anomaly fragrance composition

Iris, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Fresh White Flower Accord, Musk, Orpur, Green Tangerine, Ambergris...

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