Intense perfume where coffee andoud meet and entangle... an infernal duo.

Coffeze is part of the Les Joyaux Uniques bottle collection, exceptional vintage bottles, fragments of the history of French perfume-making... glasses made with original moulds from the '50s and '60s.
Unique formulas, created by new, free, extreme, original and intriguing ideas. 

Perfumer: Aurélien Guichard

Olfactory family: Oud Expresso

Main ingredients: FirBest Oud from Laos ; Santos SFE Coffee; Bois de Santal Accord; Patchouly HE; Tonka Bean Absolute.

A unique perfume forcing Oud and Coffee to meet and feel each other, and entwine.
Oud is an elusive raw ingredient... A complex resin with dark, golden tones. Fascinating and repulsive, intriguing... and addictively attractive. Coffee, another dark ingredient, bitter and matte... toasted, of course.

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