Les Joyaux Sensoriels

Perfumes for the senses, with their unique and unmistakeable fragrances.

A new and colourful bottle with rounded sensuality, showing the essence it guards. No frill formulas, inspired by tradition, yet radically contemporary... from the odes to sensuality.

Perfumes from the Les Joyaux Sensoriels collection


Perfumer: Céline Eliena
Olfactory family: Floral Musk

The smell of the first days of sunshine... Winter quits... Spring is in the air: flowers, grass and green shoots... the air smells of green, sea and resins.


Perfumer: Fabrice Pellegrin
Olfactory family: Rose Iris

A wonderful blend of rose, the most iconic and beautiful flower. Two flowers that are often evoked, but rarely loved on their own. The powdery Rose softens the Iris and its cold beauty. The rose is no longer romantic, the iris is no longer lofty; rose and iris dance together.


Perfumer: Aurélien Guichard
Olfactory family: Incense leather

Olfactory richness, ardent, dense, radiating... an elegant passage between saffron and two incenses... where raw materials blur and merge...


Perfumer: Alexandra Carli
Olfactory family: Spiced Citrus

Earthy and musky Angelica roots, bitter and inebriating Absinthe leaves, Cabreueva wood with its amber scent, musky and powdery, animal and fruity, an androgynous, citrusy and woody Musk.


Perfumer: Aurélien Guichard
Olfactory family: salty amber

Childhood memories evoked by a great fragrance, as mineral as sand and salt, as amber as the sun, as carnal as skin.


Perfumer: Céline Eliena
Olfactory family: Amber Musk

Silver flickers over a still lake, the sky marries the water and turns into an active ingredient... A silver amber glistening with thousands of contrasting sides, cold and warm, dry and soft, clear and opaque.


Perfumer: Alexandra Carlin
Olfactory family: Floral leather

A leather scent that cannot be defined... Blackcurrant berries, Pepper overdose, Styrax, Fucus: a dark colour palette exploring the many shades of black. And beyond it all, this black and peaceful breathing, Orange and Orange Blossom radiate while the Iris rhizome releases its powdery scent.

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