Nicolaï Home Fragrances

Nicolaï home fragrances are administered by elegant candles, refills for catalytic lamps, stick diffusers, room sprays and perfumed oils.

A vast collection of catalytic lamps has been created, not just to perfume rooms, but also to furnish them with elegance and refinement.

All home fragrances are made with the best raw materials, chosen by Patricia de Nicolaï.
As with perfumes for the person, room sprays and diffusers with sticks are produced using the same techniques of maceration, icing, filtering and packaging.

Scented candles are produced through artisan methods, using high quality wax which is poured by hand into various glass forms before being cooled. Maison Nicolaï is proud to declare that all its products are 100% made in France, in line with the values of the tradition of haute perfumery.

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