Nicolaï perfumes

A rich and subtle "palette" of natural essences characterises the highly personal style of Patricia de Nicolaï, with her preference for white flowers and amber notes.

Nicolaï is one of the few companies that carries out all its processes in its own creative laboratory, in Poincaré, near the Eiffel Tower:

  1. Creation of fragrances: Patricia de Nicolaï creates her perfumes in her Parisian laboratory. Each formula is meticulously preserved by its creator.
  2. Purchasing raw materials: Patricia carries out a scrupulous selection of the best natural raw materials.
  3. Weighing concentrates: performed with extreme precision, so that the fragrances remain perfectly identical over time.
  4. Maceration: this takes place at a constant temperature, in special refrigerated rooms, for a period of at least two weeks.
  5. Maturation: each concentrate is diluted in alcohol, with an extremely precise dosage. The product obtained will later undergo a second maceration: this can last for between one and four weeks, depending on the formula.
  6. Icing and filtering: the last stages of the manufacturing process are focused on eliminating impurities. The perfume will then be ready to be bottled.
  7. Packaging: all components (bottles, sprays, caps, labels...) are supplied by the best French manufacturers, making for 100% Made in France products.

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