Blancheide: the niche perfume brand by Officina Parfum

Blancheide is a brand of artistic perfumery created in the '90s, its eau de parfum have always done well on the Italian market. 

Assured by its success, we purchased the Blancheide brand in 2015 and planned its international market launch.

This started a close cooperation with Pierre Stephane Rubis, the perfumer from Grasse who had developed the fragrances marketed under the Blancheide brand, motivated by our desire to keep quality fragrances at the core of our product mix.

Working with an experienced nose is no easy task, and we trusted him with complete creative freedom to use the best natural ingredients and artisan craftsmanship that only Grasse can offer.

In 2016, the new Blancheide perfume collection was launched: unique, unmistakeable fragrances like Le Supreme Patchouly or Rose, created with prime quality ingredients.


How did Blancheide manage to establish itself and grow?

Blancheide was conceived as a gateway brand attracting new customers to the world of artistic perfumery, and keeping its prices accessible to encourage them.

This new price positioning, never before attempted with niche perfumes and unique fragrances, has been key to the success of the Blancheide brand.

This gave us the opportunity to include in our range a collection of extremely fine fragrances, with high concentration and persistence on the skin, marketed at an accessible price and through its own exclusive niche distribution.


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