Compagnie de Provence: the challenge of the Marseille soap

Compagnie de Provence is a French brand producing Marseille soaps, creams, perfumes, home care and cleaning products. High quality products blending Provençal traditions with modern design and stylish packaging.

The challenge was a tough one: could Marseille soap be turned into a luxury product?

This was the key objective, Officina needed to convince its customers that even the simple Marseille soap could become a prestige product, to be found in top Italian perfume shops despite its lower price, compared to fragrances.


In order to sell high quality Marseille soap, two things are needed: skills, and time to look after the customer. Only niche perfumery has both.

And there is more. Analysing sales data after two years, we discovered that the best selling product from Compagnie de Provence is the one-litre soap! This means that the quality of Compagnie de Provence soaps retains the customer and this is rewarding, as soaps are a high consumption home product.

Two years after distributing Compagnie de Provence, we can finally say: we made it!

It is often the right choice of distribution channel that makes or breaks a brand, because it is important to stay aspirational, even with a product we use every day.

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