The Italian success of Robert Piguet perfumes

It all started in the late 1980s, when there was no such thing as niche perfumery in Italy. Robert Piguet was already an internationally renowned brand, famed for its haute couture creations and iconic perfumes. 

In the ‘80s, Davide Gherardi, a seasoned industry expert and successful cherry-picker of lesser known brands from all over the world, discovered Robert Piguet’s perfumes and decided to introduce two masterpieces from the Robert Piguet brand to the best Italian independent perfumers: Bandit (1944) and Fracas (1948), the only fragrances in the range at the time.

The initial reaction was one of diffidence towards this unknown brand, but over time these two extraordinary fragrances began to win over the public.


Selecting a network of exclusive points of sale was a key driver for the growth of the brand, which also explains why the Maison continues to trust Davide and Officina Parfum over thirty years later.

“You need to know how to wait, if you want to see a brand flourish in a niche sector like this. After all, niche perfumery was a reaction to mainstream perfumery using massive advertising campaigns to achieve quick success.”

Today, Robert Piguet is unquestionably one of the most prestigious international perfume brands, and it keeps growing its market range with bold luxury fragrances. The brand’s Italian distribution strategy is a clear example for all markets, as the sophisticated and exclusive network of retailers remains loyal to this proud, time-honoured brand.

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