Casbah is a highly evocative and intriguing perfume inspired by the city of Marrakesh. It blends the warmth of Moroccan spices with the woodland elegance of Atlas cedars and the refreshing smoothness of the Iris.

Casbah by Robert Piguet invites you onto a red rug, evoking all the suggestions of a mysteriously perfumed journey through the Souks of Marrakesh. Casbah embodies a distinctly exotic and beguiling element among Piguet\u2019s family of fragrances.

Intriguing and elegant, Casbah hides a wealth of secrets and surprises. Warm whispers of black pepper and nutmeg act as an introduction to the delicate green melody of the angelica root. The effervescent head note fades and softens into a heart of iris and tobacco leaves. Cedarwood provides a deep background for the intricate, smoky floral accords, while incense interweaves with a glowing note of vetiverto conduct us to a soft and silky finish.

Enchanting, mesmerising and unforgettable.

The Casbah by Robert Piguet Olfactory Pyramid

Spicy oriental

  • Head notes: angelica roots, black pepper, nutmeg.
  • Heart notes: monastic incense, iris, tobacco leaves.
  • Base notes: vetiver, cedar wood.

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